At Infoline, we believe that experience is the best educator. With world-class resources and team of technical experts as our company’s most valuable assets, we are able to give back to the community by nurturing fresh school-leavers and dedicated individuals alike and providing them with the training they need to succeed as a professional in the field of Information Technology today.

First of its kind in the region, the Infoline Academy is a two-year IT educational training programme, where enrollment is free-of-charge and is open to all individuals with O-level / SPM qualifications as a minimum level of entry. The two-year programme not only consists of theoretical study and practical on-ground training, but also a guaranteed career opportunity in the IT sector upon completion.

Students will receive first-hand experience through on-ground training with our team of professionals handling a roster of local and international clients, at various levels of IT services including server system and storage setups, cloud data and security services, critical asset recovery services, as well as hands-on IT maintenance solutions on a day-to-day basis. Unlike regular internships, we believe our apprenticeship programme will lay the foundation for a career in IT services like no other.

While classroom education is a fundamental requirement in the advanced technological landscape today, having real-world experience to go hand-in-hand with theoretical learning will give one a competitive edge over any regular diploma or degree holder. The Infoline Academy training programme will provide a solid foundation like no other to give you the experience you to begin your career in the Information Technology industry.

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Education. Experience. Expertise.